Privacy Term

We at IMI strive to provide the best experience to ensure you get the most out of our services. And for that, your privacy and the security of your personal data are and will always be very important to us.


1. About the information collected and processed by IMI 


IMI collects your data at different times, from the time you register to the time you make a remittance for example, and processes your personal data for purposes such as identification and authentication, IMI offers and services, protecting your credit, operationalization of new products, prevention and fight against financial crimes, technical or security issues in the identification and authentication processes, and even the improvement of services and your experience. Among the data collected, IMI may process sensitive data, such as biometrics and selfies, for the purpose of fraud prevention and guaranteeing the security of the contracted services. We may also collect and process data to comply with applicable current legislation.


2. Cookies


A cookie is a data file that can be placed on a device when it uses our app or website. Cookies can be used for many things, always with the aim of ensuring that you have the best experience on our App and website.


But what do they do?


They help remember your preferences and customize your access. If you want to better understand how cookies work and how we use them, you can access our Cookies Policy.


3. Duration of processing of personal data


The period for processing your personal data by IMI may vary according to the types of products and services contracted/provided, according to the purposes of processing personal data, or in accordance with the contractual and legal provisions in question.


4. Your rights as the holder of personal data



The GDPR guarantees a series of rights to data subjects. Therefore, you, as the data subject, can make the following requests to IMI: confirmation of the existence of treatment; access to your personal data; correction of incomplete, inaccurate or outdated data;anonymization; blocking or deletion of data; portability of personal data; information about the sharing of personal data; information about the possibility of not providing consent, as well as being informed about the consequences, in case of refusal; revocation of consent; opposition to the processing of personal data; review of decisions made only on the basis of automated processing of personal data that affect the interests of data subjects.


5. Sharing of personal data


We take your privacy very seriously. We, at IMI, care for the privacy of your data and, in accordance with data protection and banking secrecy rules, we only share your information for the purposes set out in this Term and in our Privacy Policy.


6. Service channels for privacy issues


So that you can exercise your rights as a data subject, as well as determine your preferences in the treatment and use by IMI of some of your personal data, you can use the official service channels available on the IMI homepage.


Want to know more? See our complete Privacy Policy by accessing this link. Or contact