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Send money with whom understands what you need. At IMI, we make sure your money arrives quickly and safely to the ones you love most. It’s very easy to send!

There is a much easier way of sending remittances

With IMI, you can send money to whoever you want without needing to leave your home. The money goes directly from your digital account to your beneficiary.

Send money to over 200 countries

Best exchange rates

Directly from your mobile device

Receive from abroad directly in your account

Fast and safe money transfer

Compliance without complications

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Immigrating has several challenges, but having a bank account will no longer be one of them

Your finances in the palm of your hand

Your money inside your mobile device: send and receive PIX, payments, deposits and national transfers for free and completely digitally.

Remittance from
your mobile device

Access your app and send remittances to your country in a simplified manner, at any time and in the palm of your hands.

All in a
single place

With the IMI account, you can receive your salary, make payments and send remittances, all in one app.

We speak
your language

Your IMI digital wallet is completely in your language and so is our service! IMI is made to make you feel at home.

Your money
now safe

You no longer need to carry cash with you. With the your digital wallet, you are wory-free.

Become an IMI Agent right now - It's fast and free!

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A digital wallet that is complete

Your finances are now in a single application, in your language, whenever you need it

International remittance

Free maintenance fee


App made in your language

Deposit straight into your account

Customer service representatives who speak your language

Invoice payment

App on Android and iOS

Done! Your shipment will arrive at its destination within moments.

Debit card

Be free to shop without carrying cash! With the IMI debit card you can:

Make payments

Purchases in establishments

Online purchases

Withdraw money from the bank 24 hours

Use your card in any country

Download the app and get your free card!

Brazil welcomes you with open arms, and so do we!

To be IMI is to applaud a world in constant movement and to value those who move with it, searching for a better life. For this reason, our mission is to provide a new way of being an immigrant.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Do you want to know more about remittance and what our digital wallet will look like? Here we answer your main questions:

    I want to be an agent! What should I do?

    To be an agent, just sign up here. If you have any questions, you can contact us via WhatsApp +55 (11) 4003-1493.<

    How can I find out the quotation and make a remittance?

    To know the quote and send money abroad is very easy and fast! Just contact us via WhatsApp or call +55 (11) 4003-1493.

    How long does it take for the money to reach the beneficiary?

    After the release of your payment, the money arrives in up to 5 minutes! It's very fast!

    Can the money be sent to a bank account? Can it arrive in cash?

    The beneficiary can receive money in two ways: in cash, at any of our payers' stores, or in their bank account. Do you want to know where our payers' stores are? Contact us via WhatsApp or call +55 (11) 4003-1493.

    What documents do I need to send to make a remittance?

    It's simple! We only ask for your photo ID and proof of address.

    Does IMI answer me in my language?

    Yes, we speak English, Spanish, French, Creole, and Portuguese - and we're always learning new languages! Count on us to speak your language!

    Can I send remittances through the digital wallet?

    Yes, the money goes straight from your account to your beneficiary.

    What is the advantage of having an IMI account to send my remittances?

    The benefits are many! You don't need to go to a specific location, you can make your remittance from wherever you are, at any time and directly through the IMI app. The money goes directly from your account to the beneficiary! This way you don't need to travel with cash, it's much safer for you and your family! Also, with IMI you have one of the most competitive rates on the market, bringing more savings to your life.

    Who can have an IMI account?

    Anyone can have an IMI account. If you are over 18 years of age, live in Brazil, and have CPF, simply open the account directly in our app.

    Can I open an IMI account without having CPF?

    Unfortunately no, but you can request your CPF on the Receita Federal website, even if you are a foreigner. Click here to learn more.

    How much does it cost to have an IMI account?

    You don't pay a thing nothing to have an IMI account - we have no annual fees, nor maintenance fee.

    How much does it cost to make national transfers, deposits and payments?

    There are no fees and you can make unlimited transactions to any bank in Brazil.

    Do I need to put a minimum amount of money to open my account?

    No. You are free to save as much money as you want in your IMI account.

    Can I open a MEI account?

    Yes, the digital wallet is made for every micro-entrepreneur.

    I have more questions, how can I contact IMI?

    We will be happy to help you in your language! Please send a message or call the number +55 (11) 4003-1493.