Compliance Policy

You’re probably wondering if you’re really going to read this text, but calm down, don’t give up! I promise it’s worth paying a little attention to our Compliance Policy and staying on top of our guidelines!



We at IMI act in accordance with the regulations and laws applicable to our business and, of course, we always focus on providing the best experience for you, our customer. Therefore, our Compliance Policy defines the guidelines related to the fulfillment of these requirements and reinforces our commitment to total transparency and excellence in our service.


In this way, we will share with you our Compliance guidelines:


• IMI continuously works to develop a culture of Compliance to reinforce the principles of our Code of Conduct.


• We always act with the objective of ensuring compliance with the regulatory and legal requirements applicable to our business and customers.


• The Compliance team is responsible for coordinating compliance-related matters and helping employees understand and fulfill their role in our culture.


• The Compliance team provides support and periodically reports compliance-related matters to the Board.


• All employees are responsible for ensuring compliance with the Compliance Policy and for promoting our culture of Integrity.


Did you see? It was really quick!


Oh, and in case you believe that another IMI, or even IMI, is not following the expected standard of conduct, just contact us at the email and our team will give all the necessary attention and ASAP.